About us.

SkyFox Labs s.r.o. | A New Space company since 2014. Manufacturer of the World's First Space-Friendly™ components for CubeSats and Small Satellites you cannot find anywhere else. Based in Czech Republic / EU.

The company was established back in 2014 by space enthusiasts, electrical and mechanical engineers and radio amateurs as a step towards our own dreamed-up real Space mission www.lucky7satellite.org. Due to the lack of public funding at the university environment since 2011 and a structure of the scientific support in Czech Republic with respect to the custom space research, prior putting our own university satellite project CzechTechSat on-hold, we decided to invest a full one month Czech salary of 1000 Euros to make the 7th Advanced State-of-the-art Czech Satellite in a row a reality! The SkyFox Labs s.r.o. as well as Lucky-7 CubeSat mission were born officially on January 6, 2015 by registering to the public company register.  Yes, 7 is definitelly our lucky number!

From being unknown at that time we build up a Worldwide-known brand with customers from more than 12+ countries. We were the First on the CubeSat market to introduce Engineering Model grade of products to fit all kinds of budgets and reduce the risk, as it is usual in big space missions development. Were the First selling our products with no advance payment, the First on the market labelling our products with CE mark to conform with European Regulations, respecting the enter of the US land with FCC regulations paperwork as well as dealing officially with Export Controls under a very strict and detailed view of national regulators. 

We are not allowed or willing to conduct any business (including discussion) or cooperate on any military related or banned end-use or end-users. All our activities and products are only dedicated to peaceful scientific, educational or commercial purposes with small satellites. Our products are not allowed to be shipped to embargoed countries: Cuba, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria and North Korea. Resellers, freight forwarders, etc. are also prohibited from exporting our products to these countries. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Come to visit Prague! The beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic with exceptionally good beer, inspiring mysterious historical center and Space-related research running hard and fast on a background in our Laboratories! You have to come, stay and feel the spirit to understand! 

Prague Prague - City Center

From Tokyo to San Francisco, from Finland to South Africa. From terrestrial laboratories to LEO operations, our works visited 'em all!

While you read this text - be ensured - we are working hard on our products, services, track and develop new technologies in this very rapidly evolving Space sector for Your Easy Way to Space! Follow our journey. Fly with us!