Digital CubeSat Camera/(Flight Model) (piCAM-FM)

Digital CubeSat Camera

Fly Camera & Make fun!

Do you plan to fly a small satellite to space? Take a camera with you to make stunning in-orbit images of the Earth, twin docking satellite, your deployable antenna or solar sail. Save time with coding, the module utilize UART interface and easy-to-parse JPEG format with CR+LF.


Product Summary

  • Digital CubeSat Camera
  • VGA resolution, JPEG data output in HEX format
  • 6 pin Molex Connector
  • 1k2, 2k4, 9k6, 19k2, 38k4, 57k6, 115k2 (Default), 230k4, 460k8 and 921k6 Serial Baudrate support
  • Automatic Shutter with Day/Night sensitivity
  • Captures Image within 5 seconds
  • Dimensions: 34x34x19 mm body + optics
  • Mounting Bracket with 4x M2.5 mounting holes for easy integration
  • Factory pre-focused and fixed on: Infinity (Default)
  • Wide field, Narrow field (Default) and Fish eye optics available
  • IR Cut Filter with TRL-9
  • Typical GSD in 550 km SSO: ~300 m
  • Device TRL-9 ("Flight-proven")
  • 1+ Year In-Orbit Performance with 0 bad pixels
  • 3.3 V @ 90 mA
  • EMI and ESD Control, Power and Housekeeping Engine (Telemetry)
  • MOSFET-Free Power Management


  • Dual Use Goods: YES
  • HS Code:
  • Lead Time: 4-6 weeks
  • Country of Origin: Czech Republic